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Janet Everhard MD, retired gynecologic physician and surgeon, announces her candidacy for United States House of Representatives for Ohio’s Second Congressional District to unseat Tea Party Republican incumbent Brad Wenstrup. The campaign Kick-Off event takes place April 22 at 9:00 A.M. at Fountain Square with a breakfast “pot luck” Meet and Greet and a press conference at 9:45 A.M., preceding the March for Science. The public is invited.

Dr. Everhard, a passionate supporter of progressive causes and taxpayer value, has been caring for the health needs of the citizens of Southwestern Ohio since 1989. As a Democratic U.S. Representative, she wishes to listen to all citizens, regardless of political party, in order to represent the needs of “We the People.”

“My goal is to be an effective champion for all the people of the Second District so that together we can swing open the doors of opportunity for our health and wealth. To that end, my campaign accepts no corporate donations so that I have no obligation to return favors,” states Everhard.

Cornerstones of Dr. Everhard’s campaign are integrity and compassion as learned early in life: “We tell the truth. We respect and care for our neighbors at home and around the world. We walk our talk. We tread lightly on our Earth. We appreciate what our founding fathers originated and work together to create a more inclusive version. My slogan says, ‘We the People, For a Change,’” affirms Everhard.

As an activist and community volunteer/organizer, Dr. Everhard has “walked the talk.”

In 1989, she founded her Anderson Township medical practice prioritizing work-life balance for employees and adequate “listening time” for patients. She founded the USA Works Community to return the balance of power to the people; started Tri-State Kayakers (now over 2,500 members strong); was a team member of New Richmond Economic Development, developing “Walk New Richmond”; and authors the blog “The CURE for Adventure Deficit Disorder.” For the past six years, Dr. Everhard has been a volunteer Veteran Outreach Coordinator, event planner, ACA kayaking instructor, and photographer for Team River Runner (using paddle sports as recreational therapy for disabled, previously homeless, and PTSD-afflicted veterans).

Dr. Everhard’s long history of community involvement proves that she can create, care, and collaborate to address a myriad of issues impacting OH-2 citizens—issues such as economic and job development, access to affordable quality healthcare, infrastructure repair, environmental protection, and educational/retraining opportunity for all ages.

To join the campaign, to find Dr. Everhard’s views on specific topics, and to reserve a seat at the Washington table for the citizens of OH-2, readers are invited to visit


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